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"I became a man when I met Jesus."

Darryl Strawberry, baseball legend and author of his new book, Turn Your Season Around, discusses how he overcame some of the largest struggles in his life, with the help of God. 

Author Spotlight

What Needs to Be Done to Overcome Addiction

In this Relevant article, author John Elmore discusses the ten things people must do to overcome their addiction. 

Author Spotlight

Darryl Strawberry and How Faith Helped Him

Baseball legend Darryl Strawberry discusses how his faith has helped him overcome numerous struggles in his life, as well as his new book, Turn Your Season Around.

Author Spotlight

"Try to Unplug When You Can."

Dr. Gregory Jantz, Ph.D., author of Healing Depression for Life, gives advice on how to manage your Coronavirus anxiety in this Good Housekeeping article. 

Author Spotlight

"I just think that she’s such a trailblazer on so many levels."

Mandy Hale, author of Don’t Believe the Swipe and founder of The Single Woman Instagram account, talks about Vice President Kamala Harris and finding love later in life with Good Morning America.

Book Review

Simply Trinity: A Book Review

An inside look in Matthew Barrett’s new book, Simply Trinity. In this book, Matthew Barrett reveals a shocking discovery: we have manipulated the Trinity, recreating the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our own image. 

Author Spotlight

How to Become Stronger Every Day

Janell Rardon sits down with Janet Parshall to discuss her new book, Stronger Every Day, which shares powerful tools for readers to overcome hurdles in their lives.

Author Spotlight

“If you change dating, you change the world.”

JP Pokluda, author of Outdated, talks about love at first sight, the friendzone and other dating topics in this The Heart of Dating podcast.

Author Spotlight

Col. Oliver North talks about the legacy of Rush Limbaugh

Col. Oliver North discusses the legacy of Rush Limbaugh on Fox News’ MediaBuzz.

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