The Hard Road

Michael S. Pruett

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ISBN: 978-0990423942
April 28, 2015
Red Arrow Media 

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What if almost dying was the very thing that saved your life? By forty years of age, Michael Pruett was a thriving businessman. He had raised millions in capital, started an Internet provider service, worked with contractors to develop and flip homes, and had established a well–respected reputation in Jackson Hole’s real estate community. Add to this a new wife and stepdaughters, and he reached the pinnacle of the high life, or so he thought. He had risen high, and then he fell–hard. But there was a larger story in play, and July 15, 2012 happened–the day he should have died. Michael’s action–packed and riveting biography tells the story of a terrible happenstance that changed everything, in the best possible way. It asks the tough questions, its true–to–life characters exploring life’s uncertainties—about the divine, why bad things happen to good people, and what to do when the road you picked just doesn’t go as planned.