Proof of Divine

Andrew Murtagh

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ISBN: 9781449771478
May, 2013
WestBow Press

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Nothing was wrong as Andrew Murtagh sped home from his job as a biomedical engineer specializing in pacemakers. He had a promising career, a good family, and was married to his high school sweetheart. But late that afternoon, overcome by the beauty of the Nevada desert, Murtagh felt the need to take stock of his entire life and address the big questions, ones about the existence of God and the meaning of the cosmos. At the precipice of faith and skepticism, Murtagh embarks on a long journey of self-discovery, one he shares in Proof of Divine: The Journey of a Common Man’s Search for the Finger Print of God.

Part scientific investigation, part spiritual memoir, Murtagh’s debut combines research into reasons for belief with scholarly insights and key events from his family’s history — from his grandfather’s unlikely escape from the Nazis in World War II, to his grandmother’s decision to become a nun late in life, to his father being held up at gunpoint while working the night shift. These anecdotes become the backdrop for Murtagh’s wide-ranging investigation, and help him answer whether we live in a world of coincidence, or one guided by the hand of God.