Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

Deborah B Haarsma and Loren D Haarsma

"The Haarsmas approach this very controversial topic with a perfect mix of scientifically and biblically accurate information, theological depth, intellectual modesty, and a charitable spirit toward views they do not share themselves. Pastors, laypeople, and scientists will all find much to value here." Edward B. Davis, Distinguished Professor of the History of Science, Messiah College

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ISBN: 978-1-59255-573-4
November 2011
Faith Alive

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When it comes to the history of the universe, many believe that science and faith are mutually exclusive. But in this revised version of Origins, physics professors Loren and Deborah Haarsma explore what God’s Word and God’s world teach us about creation, evolution, and intelligent design.

Clearly explaining the science, the authors focus on areas where Christians agree. They also present the strengths and weaknesses of areas where Christians differ.

Origins helps you develop a deeper understanding of the origins of the universe and sort out your own views on faith and science. Small group discussion questions follow each chapter. A companion website provides resources for further study.