Museum of the Bible

Project Description

The Museum of the Bible, scheduled to open in 2017, is already making a global impact that will span generations. It will be one of the largest museums in Washington D.C., just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, with 430,000 square feet and thousands of artifacts and rare books. It’s a monumental undertaking that includes the top scholars, theologians, priests and rabbis of our time.

One of the many men and women charged with the opening of the museum is Timothy L. Smith, Chief Development Officer for Museum of the Bible. With 35 years of experience working with non-profit organizations he is known as a leading expert in his field. His first job in fundraising was to raise $1,000 and now, in his role at the Museum of the Bible, he is charged with raising $1 Billion for one of the most important jobs of his life—helping people engage with the Bible.

View the Museum of the Bible media kit for more information about the project.