Issachar’s Heirs

Brian Chilton

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ISBN: 978-1618080790
June 17, 2013
$15.67, $6.95 Kindle
White Feather Press

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The 20th century dawned with Evil’s perpetual whispering about Europe’s Jewish Problem. Decades passed, more listened, and Evil’s power grew. Evil soon demanded that listening was not enough, placing men into power also eager to act. Multitudes stood by, stilling listening, watching, while Evil’s Solution was imposed. Millions died. Now at the dawn of the 21st century Evil’s murmur has begun again. But this time the whisper that grows ever louder complains of America’s Christian Problem . . . America’s Christian Problem . . . America’s Christian Problem . . . In 2016, Nemesis, a small but powerful coalition, will follow Evil’s call to act . . . . Will the nation founded for religious freedom now allow Christianity to be driven from her shores?