Ed’s Story – A Film About Hope (4, 5)

Ed Dobson

DVD Info

My Garden (Film 4) | Ask Forgiveness (Film 5)
ISBN: 978-0-7814-0568-3
Run time: Approximately 10 minutes each
January 2012
David C. Cook

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DVD Description

Ed’s Story is a 7-part short film series featuring pastor and author Ed Dobson.

Suffering is everywhere and it changes us, for better or worse. Ed’s Story is our story. Diagnosed with ALS and given a short time to live, Ed wrestles with the issues suffering raises: worry, identity, forgiveness, gratitude, and healing. What emerges in this 7-film series is his discovery that there is always hope.

Film 4 My Garden

When we meet someone, one of the first questions we ask is, “So, what do you do?” It’s easy to become wrapped up in a career or job. But who are we outside of our work? What happens when that job is no longer there? Are we still ourselves? A pastor for many years, Ed struggled to adjust to a life without the pulpit. But he eventually discovered there is much more to who we are than what we do.

Film 5 Ask Forgiveness

When Ed was told his life would be over in a few short years, he found his priorities drastically rearranged. Things that used to be important became mildly relevant, while things that didn’t seem to matter were now all that did. Ed realized this probably meant he could have done certain things better. As he asked those around him for forgiveness, perhaps he also helped them to see what is truly important in his life.