Ed’s Story – A Film About Hope (1, 2, 3)

Ed Dobson

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It Ain’t Over (Film 1) | Consider the Birds (Film 2) | Be There (Film 3)
ISBN: 978-1434702678
Run time: Approximately 10 minutes each
David C. Cook

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Ed’s Story is a 7-part short film series featuring pastor and author Ed Dobson.

Suffering is everywhere and it changes us, for better or worse. Ed’s Story is our story. Diagnosed with ALS and given a short time to live, Ed wrestles with the issues suffering raises: worry, identity, forgiveness, gratitude, and healing. What emerges in this 7-film series is his discovery that there is always hope.

Film 1 It Ain’t Over

In It Ain’t Over, the first film in the Ed’s Story series, Ed Dobson reminds us that life isn’t over yet and that we don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the struggles we’re facing today. Difficult news can sometimes make us feel like our lives are over. Ed shows us that we don’t know the future, and that things may turn out quite differently from what we expect.

Film 2 Consider the Birds

Sometimes we worry too much about the future.

Ed stopped making plans more than two weeks out after his ALS diagnosis. Why? Tomorrow is not guaranteed-for any of us. When we worry about tomorrow, we often miss out on the beauty, richness, and fulfillment of today.

Could living for today be what’s best for us, and could it even free us from the worries of tomorrow?

Film 3 Be There

When those close to us suffer, it’s only natural to want to help. But what do you say when someone’s life falls apart and suffering becomes their reality? How can you show you care?

The people who comforted Ed most were the ones who just showed up and didn’t say a word.

Perhaps just being present can bring more comfort, peace, and a sense of God’s presence than words ever could.


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